banned for another stupid fast manu now

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banned for another stupid fast manu now

Post  Unlucky on Sat Jul 09, 2011 6:29 am

so is again ban me again, and it was another fast noob noob noob is fast manu,

fast ctf2 8 /7/ 2011 11pm he said " bot, tu habilidad para matar contrasta con tu ping" traslate" bot. your ability to kill, in contrast to your ping" that super stupid lol!

mas so stupid? my ping is 266

I got it because the servers fast are all newbies

is because the good players are banned for the fast noob
so it is rare to find someone who plays well on servers, all ban ban ban.


bans always a noob fast, always
but never never a good fast bans a pro to me, fast hoer, aco, oracle, ronaldo, piro, naro etc .... never ban me why ??? never

hoer have to do something, controls some stupid fast noobs

the ingnorant not know the sight jacker ???????????????????????????????????????

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Re: banned for another stupid fast manu now

Post  Ronaldo on Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:09 am

please dont insult FAST members or other people, they havent insulted you... so apperantly they saw you bot, you say you dont bot.
So if you can make a video of you playing on a FAST server full match atleast 10 min video, no editing and post to forums, upload it to youtube or something, and play like you do, get all the kills you get, so you can prove you don't bot. Very Happy

"The video must be recorded on a FAST server, you can upload it to youtube or some other video site. Post a link to the video, time of the recording with timezone and the server name must be included in the post"

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ok thanks for replying, but the world is upside down

Post  Unlucky on Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:19 am

is fine, but please understand, I'm playing quiet and go a couple of fast noob, and I banean the lie that I am bot.

I don't think I have to record anything,

are the "fast" who have to prove that use bot, a video

ronaldo but that's ok, I'll make a video

but I would win with that? if noobs fast manu, Jevin, Norman will continue to ban

hoer made a mistake, allowing fast to ban these

what he says is stupid fast manu: he thinks so example:

I am a bot because I have killed a lot and ping 266

pif is not a bot, because it has ping 33

kozoga is not a bot, because it has ping 133

nicola "real bot" is not a bot, because it has ping 133

Some fast think so,
but my solution is easy:

I never should I play against a fast noob "manu etc "
manu is red if I also be red, Jevin is blue, if I also be blue. so they do not hate me, for I win

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Re: banned for another stupid fast manu now

Post  MANU on Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:16 pm

Unlucky i was ban you because you kill many player in a short time, and with your ping is like my ping but your move like a player with a ping of 33 so is suspicious and many players complain about you, and dont insult me, im not insult you.

This is not your first time I see, Norman and Azo ban you for a reason.

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this is the bot to ban, Always fast norman, manu, Jevin, hoer and now?

Post  Unlucky on Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:01 am

2011-07-16 I was playing fast game time. when I ban of hoer o jevin ?:

my profile was arch, had almost no lag mi ping is 233 300.
at 41 deaths, this appears


change in profile, ip, and return the game and told me not to ban hoer, I'll start recording a video
and record this:

before seeing the video, take this into account:
* When I played with the profile arch, my performance was good 70 fps
*When I played with the profile antinader, and began recording my performance was bad 20, 25 fps always. my pc is 2 ghz ok
Unedited video

as you see I'm not bot, so why ban me forever.
after the ban, they disappear fast servers:

why they let me play in peace to my?
I know all the players fast, but not to know Stalker, Hippo, Pepe. but, fast aco used and know the sight jacker,
because they do not use me, the sight hacker? respond hoer ?
please respond fast

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Re: banned for another stupid fast manu now

Post  [FAST]Hoer on Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:07 pm

First of all, "Unlucky" is NOT banned!

+ is many more Names that have been banned..

So whats your problem? Why you use SO MANY NAMES??? And they Get banned for CHEAT!

Also Servers BELONG TO US!!
We not have to PROVE to YOU, Is [FAST] Servers, not [UNLUCKY] Servers?!
We Provide FREE SERVERS for YOU, while you use bot, insult FAST Admins that does GREAT JOB to keep Servers GOOD!!
If you dont like us so much why you keep coming back?
Maybe cause there Is to many BOTERS on other servers lol!
We have Plenty of good players on FAST Servers, Im proud of that most are NO BOT!

You have been told before, I have told you in game to MAKE VIDEO!!
we see you bot, we say you bot, is enough we 90% sure you bot = BAN!
You prove you not bot.. Or stfu..

Sincerely Yours // [FAST]Hoer

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Re: banned for another stupid fast manu now

Post  [FAST]Hoer on Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:22 pm

I see video you posted as player "Antinader"... Was nice video, but SHORT! Make New One! Longer! Also PLAY AS YOU PLAY WITH OTHER NICKS!!
This video you play normal, slower kills, even miss shots, not headshots only, etc good job

The player banned yesterday name "ARCH" Didnt play like this video!
He was doing headshots only, never missed a registered shot, clickboter.....===> "Arch" was BANNED!
Antinader rejoins with new IP and says something about ban!
Everyone was wtf? why you whine about ban? you was not banned?!
Then I Traced "Antinader" and Saw => "Arch" = "Antinader"
So Antinader was banned, For "Arch" Being BOT! you need help

Ps..If you always played like in this vid, you never would've been banned!...ds

Sincerely Yours // [FAST]Hoer

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hoer mistake you are wrong

Post  Unlucky on Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:10 pm

Profile unlucky not exist in halo.
I'm not the rayj profile, I'm not the profile pro di @ n @.

if I know. is not whether man or woman?, but not a bot.

I use the jacker in sight, and he or she was not a bot, at that time I was sharingan and he or she was my rival "arm diana" etc...

I proposed a one vs see and play, but he or she told me I had lag, and left the server Sad

we care whether a man or woman? I use many times the sight jacker, and never use the bot. was wrong to ban ban. he or she played super well.

hoer the problem is that I am NOT BOT,
I use various names because if I ban, obviously you have to change them.
error, I am not ban for cheating, I'm banking on being a good player
another error, there are not many good players in fast, only those who are European and have 133 ping and 33 are few. " I defend myself with ping 300"

how to make another video, if I ban an fast servers.

hoer, did not play like before, "arch" because he was shooting the video, my pc was very slow fps down many performance."is impossible to play well and shoot a video. I have a slow pc"

hoer, when it was arch, if fails lot of shots. hang one of my favorite maps and I play well there.

I always am prohibited hoer.

you do not have evidence, I use bot not have videos

because they use sight jacker me. every time they want? example:

if you do not know Tell rav@ger make me a hidden test ok "sight jacker" not bot

that injustice, are banning the innocent. no bot Sad Sad Crying or Very sad pale argh

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Re: banned for another stupid fast manu now

Post  [FAST]Hoer on Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:42 pm

As I said you has to PROVE TO US!!
You played totally different as "arch", in video you nade more and "headshot" less, strange since nades create more lag than shooting Rolling Eyes
Good player? Is CTF not slayer...
We Do NOT have to follow every FAKE NICKNAME YOU WEAR, and record everytime use BOT lol!

Ps..All are members are good players, most of them are non European, I've been playing for 4 years so I know how to play, isnt "all ping"...
And I still do not make "all headshots"...ds

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Re: banned for another stupid fast manu now

Post  Unlucky on Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:38 pm

hoer you're really lucky, I did not record a video, when was arch.

if I had that video, you would be doing the ridiculous hoer Suspect affraid Shocked wow

hoer is right in ctf. but the ban fast to me for me to be a good murderer. it also happens that fast manu ban on the map hang em high "coincidence"

eyewitnesses "noobs" sufficient evidence ? jajajaja lol! Laughing good joke that hoer good job I almost died of laughter Smile

coincidentally, these witnesses are the same they say. " kozoga is bot , pif is bot, hut
is bot, hoer is bot? are very credible witnesses lol!
rule would be perfect for your clan:

* to prohibit a bot "ban" real evidence is necessary, record a video of the bot and upload to youtube or some server. cheers

try to make a overclock to record and play with a good performance.

I leave a gift:

the bot, you say hoer, rayj pro di @ n @ and all their names ...

not a bot, is an excellent player or watch your videos.

he or she is a fighter bots. recorded at the bot, with real evidence, something that never make their clan

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Re: banned for another stupid fast manu now

Post  [FAST]Hoer on Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:51 pm

lal FAIL of YOU to LIE ban






Italian player "ŞĉâŗŁεŧŧ۞, Đĭâŋâ" IS NOT Colombian player "[Pro] Di@n@" lol!
Why would I ban ŞĉâŗŁεŧŧ۞, Đĭâŋâ when IS [Pro] Di@n@ who is BOT and FAKER? Make no Sense!? jocolor

Dont like FAST servers , dont play! hater

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Re: banned for another stupid fast manu now

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