Running multiple servers (Dedicated Server) Need help :P

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Running multiple servers (Dedicated Server) Need help :P

Post  Dark-Knight on Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:36 am

Hi, I run a dedicated server(finally) and have several ports and all that stuff.. but haven't been able to understand tutorials on how to activate server #2 or more, I get lost after a few steps XD not to god on "cdm".. confused

This is te important par of the tutorial:

L. Command Line Arguments
1. To use the command line arguments you need to open up Command Prompt
a. Start  Run  Type cmd  Press enter.
2. Next type in chdir “[Halo Custom Edition root folder or where it is installed]
3. Then type in start “haloceded.exe [any command line argument below]
Example: chdir “c:\program files\Microsoft games\halo custom edition”
Start “haloceded.exe” –exec c:\Documents\init2.txt

chdir “E:\Halo Custom Edition\1-Juego\Halo Custom Edition” Start “haloceded.exe” –exec E:\Halo Custom Edition\1-Juego\Halo Custom Edition\init2.txt

• -?
o This displays a list of all arguments available.
o Example: haloceded.exe -?
• -exec
o Specify which init.txt file to use for this instance of the dedicated server. The name of this file can be any name.
o Example: haloceded.exe –exec c:\Documents\init2.txt
• -cpu [specify what CPU to use]
o When using a multi-processor computer (SMP) server, it is possible to instruct Halo Custom Edition Dedicated Server to run on a specific CPU.
o To do so, use the –cpu n command line argument (where n is a given CPU, 0 being the first one).
o Example: haloceded.exe –cpu 1
• -path [write the path in here]
o This sets the default path to the Gametypes location. (See N for more details on how to do this)
o The default is C:\My Documents\My Games\Halo CE\savegames
o Example: haloded.exe –path c:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo CE\Server
• -port [write the port number here]
o Different instances must, obviously, use different ports. -port is used to specify the port for the instance being launched.
o If a port is not specified the server will automatically choose an open port though the chosen port is not reported.
o Example: haloceded.exe –port 2012
• -ip [write the ip address here (external)]
o Server IP address used when you have multiple IP addresses and wish to bind the server to a specific IP address.
o If this command is omitted in servers running multiple IP addresses the Halo Custom Edition Dedicated Server will answer on all IPs.
o Example: haloceded.exe –ip

M. Running Multiple Servers
1. The maximum number of instances that can be run on a server is 8.
2. Each instance should use its own init.txt file and have its own path for gametypes and log files. (See N to learn how to relocate log files and custom gametype files.)

How to run multiple servers:
1. Open up Command Prompt (See L to learn how to open it).
2. Below are some examples on how to run multiple instances, assuming the Halo Dedicated Server is installed in the directory C:\HaloCE:

Instance 1:
C:\HaloCE\haloceded.exe -exec C:\HaloCE\init1.txt -cpu 0 -path C:\HaloCE \variants1 -port 2301

Instance 2:
C:\HaloCE\haloceded.exe -exec C:\HaloCE\init2.txt -cpu 1 -path C:\HaloCE \variants2 -port 2304

Instance 3:
C:\HaloCE\haloceded.exe -exec C:\HaloCE\init3.txt -cpu 0 -path C:\HaloCE \variants31 -port 2308

Instance 4:
C:\HaloCE\haloceded.exe -exec C:\HaloCE\init4.txt -cpu 1 -path C:\HaloCE \variants1 -port 2322

Can some one explain to me in simple words ~~.. XD
Sorry for the trouble Razz rendeer

Help is Welcome XD!!!

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Re: Running multiple servers (Dedicated Server) Need help :P

Post  Mr. Mango on Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:44 pm

wow.... that was confusing.
i wonder how people with dedicateds do that? lol!
I'd actually like to know too...

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